Be full of caring service by LILU anywhere

Company Profile

LILU was established in 1989.
From 1989 to 2000, we played a role in elevator components' manufacturer and mainly focused on guide rail production.
After the year of 2000, we changed the production system to as an elevator turn-key service process. Customized elevators are the main products which are designed according to customer's request, and we also provide customers the most comfortable, convenient, affordable and the securest elevator and service.

Striving to excel until reaching perfection has always been our quality principle. LILU is a professional manufacturer to provide turn-key service from design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of elevator.

The professional team of LiLu elevator promotes the development of high-quality elevator products, transforms the original cold and hard lines, expands the infinite extension of vision, makes the simple space more suitable for humanity, breaks the barriers and boundaries of human relationships, and be full of caring service by LiLu elevator anywhere.

To satisfy the growing aging population all over the world, a new generation of 2 to 6 passengers residential elevators (small elevators, Home elevators) have been launched to provide convenience and safety for the elderly and disabled people in traditional residences, and provides another innovative option for public.

Quality No.1
Strictly quality control and customized caring service

Through strict quality control system, it has obtained the ISO-9001 certification of the international standards organization, and has accomplished LiLu Elevator's commitment to quality No.1.


Business Strategy

  • Efficiently manufacture high-quality products by our own factory
  • Complete the responsibility of contribution to the society with steady growth
  • Achieve the purpose of sustainable operation with reasonable profit
  • Take honest service as a guarantee of customer satisfaction