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Service process


Product introduction
Contract planning


Design planning
Perform drawing issuance


On-site measurement
Process control


Production (equipment/manufacture/electronic control)
Quality inspection (inspection/testing)
Product shipping (packaging/shipping/on-site installation)

STEP5Hand over

Hand over


Regular maintenance

Elevator appearance and door machine modernization

Elevator cabins, door panels, floors, ceilings moderization, warm, gorgeous, fresh and bright new space, comfortable environment, make the elevator renewed, and enhance the overall image and value of the building. The elevator door machine is upgraded and it's opening and closing will be smoother. Adding infrared door detector device for anti-clipping from the door to ensure the safety.

Electrical control modernization

The control technology of voltage and frequency conversion makes the shaking of the elevator become smaller when moving, and the floor level is almost no difference when decelerating and stopping, which improves energy efficiency, saves electricity, and enhances the riding comfortability. Change new hall call panel and car operation panel in coordinate with the control panel.

Elevator machine, motor modernization

The durability of the elevator's motor is longer than that of general electrical appliances. Therefore, when the elevator is being renovated, it is not necessary to replace the motor temporarily. If it is evaluated that the main turbine wear too serious, then it must be replaced at this time. If you need to replace the motor, it is best to replace the main steel rope together to ensure safety.

Replace old cable: Avoid signal transmission distortion


The elevator has been used for more than 15 years and it has exceeded the durable timeline. The electrical components are aging ,it has the potential risk.
The elevator shakes too much when it starts and stops, making the ride is uncomfortable.
When the elevator can not be level with the floor, it is easy to stumble when getting in and out of the elevator.
The old appearance affects the image of the building and the value of the house.
Poor transportation efficiency, large power consumption, early traditional products, mostly non-frequency conversion transformer control.
Malfunction frequency, parts stop production, difficult maintenance, and longer down time.

After-sales service

After the elevator acceptance is completed, the warranty is free for one year. During the warranty period, LILU will send professional technician regularly for free maintenance and inspection.

Repairing service 24 hours per day, 365 days
Maintenance Number +886-4-7510167

All the contracted elevators by us with product liability insurance which is insured through the product insurance companies