The practitioner of customized elevator


We firmly believe that with the human nature as the starting point, we will continue to pay attention to the demand for space "moving" with "Moving Space +".
The life cycle of the elevator includes: product service & sales, design, manufacturing, installation and after-sales maintenance services to meet the diverse needs of customers.
Continuously develop and optimize new elevator products, establish a complete market service network, and adopt a customized concept to provide safe, technological and efficient solutions to create a dedicated "mobile cabin" for your home and building.
Establishing customer trust and brand awareness, introducing a professional talent system and a rigorous and scientific management system, LiLu Elevator “Moving Space +” will uphold the values of “mutually share the benefits” and the concept of “innovation and operate our business with strict ethics” to provide superior products and services.



Elevator specifications such as speed, loading capacity, cabin size, etc. are flexibly designed according to customer needs and the size of the building space. There is no need to consider with only only single specifications prducts but not suit for your demands. LILU has complete specifications and can be designed and manufactured according to your personal needs.