Provide excellent safety design in limited space

Provide tailor-made customized services in line with customers or according to the blueprint.


Elevator specifications can be customized design and manufacture according to customer needs.


The car design is safe, comfortable, soft and intimate.


The microcomputer frequency conversion voltage control system greatly saves electricity costs.


Can be matched with interior design.


Multiple security facilities, safe and secure.


Various specifications of products are available.


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User-friendly design.

Passenger elevator

Variety of specifications are available for your selection. Elevator specifications such as speed, loading capacity, cabin size, etc. are flexibly designed according to customer needs and the size of the building space. There is no need to consider with only single specifications products but not suit for your demands. LILU has complete specifications and can design and manufacture according to your personal needs.


Home elevators

The best choice for villas、 houses


Cargo / Passenger and cargo elevators

In order to exceed the industry's high quality, provide the best choice of factory or company more practical, more durable and more beautiful



Q : Safety instructions for using elevator
  1. Please do not stand against the door when taking the elevator. In case of fire or earthquake, please do not take the elevator for safety.
  2. Do not jump or shake in the elevator to avoid danger.
  3. When the elevator is stopped, the passenger in front of the operation panel should first confirm that the door movement will not pinch the passengers entering and exiting the elevator, and then press the "Close" button.
  4. Please do not press the non-purpose floor button in the elevator, so as to hinder others from using it.
  5. In the event of elevator failure, please do not panic. You should contact the outside by using emergency inter communication phone, wait for the maintenance manufacturer to deal with it, and do not escape on your own for safety.
  6. Don't let children take the elevator alone to avoid accidents.
  7. Overloading is prohibited to avoid danger.
  8. Do not smoke inside the car, as it may affect the health of others.
Q : Emergency response measures

Elevator companies all adopt a 24-hour system, receive notifications at any time, and quickly rush to the site to deal with fault accidents. For simple trapped failures that are not life-threatening, it is better to contact the elevator company and let the elevator technicians handle them properly. Because the technicians recognize the importance of their task and understand the technology of the elevator (fire department do not have in-depth knowledge of elevator expertise, especially the handling method is difficult to be perfect). If it is not a major accident that requires every second, like it is better to let the elevator technician handle the accident simply trapped in the car.

First-aid operations require not only familiarity with machinery, but sometimes dangers, so it is necessary to consider not only the safety of the rescued, but also technicians' safety. Although the arrival time is slightly slower, but at the beginning of the work, it is fast and indeed safe. If it is simply trapped in the car, there will be no casualties, and there is no need to worry about hypoxia and suffocation, because the structure of the car is not completely airtight, so anxiety and unauthorized attempts to escape are the most dangerous. In order to prevent casualties, it is safest to wait patiently for the rescue of specialized technicians.

If it is a personal injury or death accident, first report the case to the fire department (119) or police (110), wait for the rescue, and also notify the elevator maintenance company to handle.

Emergency incidents include closing passengers in the car due to power failure or elevator failure, or human injuries caused by man-made negligence, and natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, typhoons, and lightning strikes. Although it rarely happens, it cannot be said that it will never happen. Therefore, it is usually necessary to be psychologically prepared and understand how to respond. With resilience, in the event of an emergency, you will not be helpless and minimize disaster.

Therefore, it is always necessary to prepare the phone and method of contact at any time. Don’t panic when contacting the elevator company, tell the accident site address, describe the general situation of the accident or failure, whether there is anyone in the car, etc. It is the most important to contact the rescue and comfort the passenger, this is the best treatment.

The following are various emergency response measures:

  1. Power off
    When the passengers are trapped in the car due to the power failure, they will be anxious. People outside must explain the situation to the passengers, instruct them to wait patiently for rescue, and let passenger rest assured. People who don't have rescue techniques and trying to do rescue work, this will attract even more disasters. Don't try that easily. Contact the power company, if the power outage will be very long, you must request the rescue from the elevator company.
  2. Fault shuts off
    For some reason, the car is parked between floors, and when the passenger is trapped in the car, the people outside should be treated in the same way as in the previous power outage, so that the passengers know that it is safest to wait in the car. Don't try to escape from the car, it is dangerous. And immediately contact the elevator company to handle.
  3. Personal injury accidents
    If someone is injured due to the elevator issue, they should immediately contact the elevator company for rescue, and contact the police (110) and fire department (119) to come to the emergency rescue.
  4. Fire
    Be careful not to give people the opportunity to open the landing door of the fire floor, this is the most dangerous. Use the telephone in the car to notify the passengers in the car, stop the elevator on a safe floor as soon as possible, take refuge outside the car, cut off the power of the elevator after the door is closed, and stop the operation. After the disaster, you must ask the elevator company to check to make sure there are no problems before you can resume use.
  5. Earthquake
    When there is an earthquake report, please stop the elevator as soon as possible. If you feel an earthquake during operation, stop the car at the nearest floor and stop operation. If you stop between floors, you must ask the elevator company's technical staff to come to assist. After the earthquake, before it can be used again (especially when the magnitude is above 4), it must be evaluated by the elevator company before use.
  6. Flooded and accumulated water
    When the water in the machine room or the pit is flooded due to firefighting activities during a fire or due to typhoons, etc., the insulation of each device will be poor, which may cause the main issue of the failure and may also cause electric shock. At this time, you must cut off the power supply and stop running, contact the elevator company, and check that the insulation of each circuit is no problem before it can be used.
Q : What is the space required for the residential elevator? Can it be designed to fit the size of the building space?

The standard space required for residential elevators is 1550mm (L) x 1550mm (W). If there is not enough space in the building, the size of the car can be designed and tailor-made.

Q : Do I need to apply for power to install the residential elevator?

The home elevator can use home power, which is very convenient, without the need to apply for power.

Q : Does the home elevator need to be covered with a machine room?

There is no machine room in the residential elevator, which can flexibly design the building and save a lot of construction costs.

Q : How much space in the elevator car? Can a wheelchair be loaded?

Generally, the elevator car in the home is 980mm (W) and 1200mm (L) (the elevator size can be designed according to the user's demands). It can be used by 3 ~5 passengers or one person in a wheelchair and a caretaker.

Q : Can the residential elevator be installed in an old building? Can the elevator be installed outdoors if no elevator hoistway is reserved?

Residential elevators are suitable for old buildings and new buildings. If there is no space inside the house or there is no reserved elevator hoistway, the elevator can also be installed outdoors.

Q : What safety equipment included for the home elevator?

The safety devices of residential elevators are the same as those of general big elevators. They have limit switches, speed governors, buffer, motor brakes, emergency lighting, overload detection, and safety door detectors. Even if the steel rope is broken, it will not fall.

Q : What should I do if I encounter an elevator failure and be trapped inside the elevator?

When being trapped inside the elevator, do not panic and try to keep calm, because the elevator car is not a airtight space, and you should not escape on your own for safety. At this time, you can use the phone in the car to contact the outside person and notify the elevator company to request rescue. The company is on call 24 hours a day and will send someone to deal with it immediately.

Q : I live on the 6th floor and it's mezzanine. Is it possible to install an elevator from the 6th floor to the mezzanine? How much does it cost? Will the electricity be used up? Can the size be smaller?
  1. In principle, there is no problem to install the elevator. The condition is the height of the mezzanine. For example, when the height is less than 2900mm, the height of the car should be reduced accordingly. The size can also be designed according to your requirements.
  2. Cost: Quotation will be provided after discuss the detail with house owner.
  3. Power consumption: 1 horsepower motor runs for about 1 kWh per hour in the continuous operation, and the elevator travels less than 20 seconds, so it saves electricity and the elevator is controlled by the inverter, so it is more effective.